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Find out the best way to record an INVIDII student doctor-patient interaction and what to look out for when recording.

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Lighting and audio

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Position of smartphone, tablet or laptop

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Take the following into account when recording

Record in a well-lit room and make sure you avoid the camera facing the light directly.

Make sure that your headset is not connected (if necessary, turn off Bluetooth). Check whether the sound works properly with a test recording. If necessary, remove the phone case.

Have your conversation partner sit at the head of the table.

Put the smartphone, tablet, or laptop horizontally on the table facing your conversation partner at a distance of 1.5 metres.

Make sure that both you and your interlocutor are visible 'en profile' so that the facial expressions of both of you can be clearly seen on the video recording.

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Inform your conversation partner

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Check for understanding

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Start the recording

Inform your conversation what you will do and why you want to record the student doctor-patient interaction. Also tell them that the recording will be stored on a secure server for 60 days and not on the device you’re using (smartphone, tablet, laptop).

Check whether your conversation partner clearly understands why you want to record a student doctor-patient interaction.

Ask your conversation partner consent to record with the purpose of having it assessed by your teacher.

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Add details

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Share the video

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Add annotations

Then select the assessor who you want to share the recording with

Add a title, location and description once you have finished the conversation.

Save your recording to the cloud.

Evaluate the recording if needed and highlight focus points for the teacher.

Good luck with recording using the INVIDII video app!

Please get in touch in case you have any questions or comments.

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