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Make a recording of your student doctor-patient interaction in the INVIDII video app and have it assessed by your teacher.

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The INVIDII video app lets you say goodbye to your busy schedule. For teachers watching student doctor-patient interactions recorded with the INVIDII video app can do this whenever it suits them the best.

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of assessing student doctor-patient interactions with the INVIDII video app

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Save time

As a teacher, you don’t have to be present during an INVIDII student doctor-patient interaction. That way, the INVIDII video app saves you valuable time that you’d rather spend on other tasks.

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Provide feedback

You can easily add comments to the video recording of the student doctor-patient interaction in order to provide feedback to student doctors.

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The teacher doesn’t have to look over the student doctor’s shoulder during a student doctor-patient interaction. This means the patient can focus on one conversation partner.

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Feedback koppelen aan VREST-portfolio

Koppel de feedback en reviews uit de INVIDII app aan je VREST-portfolio door deze te exporteren.

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Assessment tailored to your schedule

Your assessment of the INVIDII student doctor-patient interaction doesn’t depend on the time of the appointment between the student doctor and patient anymore.

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Security and Privacy

An INVIDII student doctor-patient interaction is encrypted and stored in the cloud for 60 days. It is never stored on a local device.

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I can easily schedule student doctor-patient interactions myself now

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will change student doctor-patient interactions for ever. 

INVIDII ondersteunt de zorgprofessionals van: 

Schedule the appointment with your patient when it suits you both without intervenience from your teacher.

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How to get the INVIDII video app up and running in 4 simple steps.

Stap 1

Log in using your

5-digit code.

Start a recording.

Stap 2

Save your recording to the cloud. Evaluate the recording if needed and highlight focus points for the teacher.

Stap 3

You’ll receive a notification from your teacher when they’ve assessed the INVIDII student doctor-patient interaction.

Stap 4

When you’re using a Vrest portfolio, the assessments will be automatically imported to Vrest.

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For free for 14 days!

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Try the INVIDII video app, discover the advantages, save time and schedule your assessment to suit your schedule.

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