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Record your practical interview with the INVIDII video app and have it assessed by your trainer.

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With INVIDII video app you keep a grip on your agenda. Because as a trainer you can look back on practical conversations recorded with  INVIDII video app at a time that suits you.

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to review a practice call with INVIDII video app

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Save time

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Easier planning

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As a trainer, you do not have to be present at an INVIDII practical meeting between the resident and the patient. This way INVIDII video app saves you a lot of valuable time that you would rather spend on other things.

An INVIDII practical meeting between the resident and the patient under the watchful eye of the trainer is often difficult to schedule from a technical point of view.

The trainer does not have to look over the resident's shoulder during the patient interview. The patient therefore only has to focus on one interlocutor.

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Assess on your

own moment

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To give feedback

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Security and Privacy

Your assessment of an INVIDII practical interview is no longer dependent on the time of the appointment between resident and patient.

You can easily add notes to the video recording of the practical interview and thus provide feedback to the resident. 

An INVIDII hands-on call is stored encrypted in the cloud for 60 days and never stored on a device.


I plan mine
practical interviews now easy yourself 

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is goingyoupractical interview forever change. 

Plan your meeting together with your patient at a time that suits you without the intervention of your trainer.


This is how you set your INVIDII video app
Get to work quickly in 4 steps! 

Stap 1

Log in with you

5 digit code.

Start recording. 

Stap 2

Save your recording in the cloud. If desired, review the recording and mark points of attention for the trainer.

Stap 3

You will receive a notification from your trainer who has assessed your INVIDII practical interview.

Stap 4

If you have a Vrest portfolio, your assessments will be automatically imported into Vrest.



Now 14 days free!

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Try INVIDII video app, discover the many benefits, save time and schedule your assessment at a convenient time for you.

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