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INVIDII video app is an initiative from Vidaio and Vrest. The founders and creators work in healthcare and IT. Each day they wonder how they can life a bit easier for those who work in the sector in which people work day in, day out to help patients and their demand for care.

Vidaio is the founder of the smart learning app. After the initial development and results from pilots, Vidaio, and Vrest, builder and provider of training and career portfolios, decided to create a new version of the app. The INVIDII video app was born.

The INVIDII smart learning video app is also a logical addition to the Vrest portfolio. The annotations and assessments of the INVIDII student-patient interaction made by the teacher can be directly imported to the Vrest portfiolio through the available connection.

INVIDII is located in Enschede, The Netherlands, at Twekkeler Es 24.

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